Coast Guard Collective Agreement

The Canadian Coast Guard is responsible for ensuring the safety and protection of Canadian waterways, as well as supporting maritime commerce and environmental protection efforts. This vital organization relies heavily on the hard work and dedication of its employees, who are represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) in collective bargaining negotiations.

Recently, the Canadian Coast Guard and PSAC reached a new collective agreement, highlighting the dedication and hard work of the employees who keep our waters safe and secure.

The new agreement includes multiple benefits for employees, including wage increases, improvements to job security, and increased professional development opportunities. Additionally, employees will now have access to a range of new leave options, including personal leave, cultural leave, and expanded parental leave.

One of the most significant improvements in the new agreement is the introduction of a new program aimed at addressing the ongoing problem of harassment and violence in the workplace. This program will provide training and resources to employees and managers to help prevent harassment and violence, and to deal with these issues appropriately when they do occur.

The new agreement also includes provisions to address the unique working conditions of Coast Guard employees, such as seafaring pay, shift differential pay, and allowances for employees working in remote locations.

As part of the negotiations, the Canadian Coast Guard and PSAC worked together to identify and address the most pressing concerns of Coast Guard employees. The result is a comprehensive collective agreement that recognizes the value and importance of the work done by these dedicated individuals.

For the Canadian Coast Guard, this new agreement represents an opportunity to continue to build a strong and productive workforce capable of meeting the challenges of protecting Canada`s waterways. And for the employees themselves, it means a more secure and rewarding working environment, allowing them to focus on their important work of keeping Canadians safe on the water.

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